The 2nd International Scientific Conference SAMRO 2016

The 2nd International Scientific Conference SAMRO 2016
”News, challenges and trends in management of knowledge-based organizations”

Procceding1_1_Managing a cloud-based documents system

1_2_The role of strategic and operational choices in the management of romanian fast growing firms

1_3_The change need evaluation based on the stakeholders satisfaction in technical higher education

1_4_Considerations on organization agility and change management

1_5_Reform in the education system_The role of the school principal in the implementation of change in the education system

1_6_Changes in the schools_Who manages the change

1_7_Change management_Challenges and perspectives

1_8_Editorial management_From experiments and experiences to evolution

1_9_Challenges of managing cultural projects in an urban setting_case of Slatina City

1_10_Revaluing the culture of health organizations_A path analysis approach

1_11_Reinforcing change management in business environment_A psychological overview

1_12_Comparative analysis of scientific research performance of some Romanian faculties of econimic science

2_1_Aspects regarding quality management processes machining of aluminum alloys

2_2_A point of view on the methods of quality evaluation and improvement services in a university library

2_3_Indoor localiyation application

2_4_Changes and challenges in management of public local administration

2_5_Contributions on reconditioning by ultrasonic field spray coating metallization

2_6_Contributions to the structural modifications that occur when reconditioning by spraying on ultrasonic field

2_7_Risk management_Evaluation method of the professional risks

2_8_KPI applications for IT&C used in natural gas sector

2_9_Intellectual property quality management in automotive field

2_10_The quality and the management of human resources quality within the knowledge based economy and organization

3_1_Leadership strategies for supporting organizational knowledge processes

3_2_The influence of knowledge as a component of intellectual capital within the global business context

3_3_Developing generic skills in business education

3_4_Understanding university intellectual capital

3_5_Empirical approach to knowledge_knowledge economy and knowledge based organizations

3_6_Tripadvisor_a virtual community of pratice

3_7_Data science_specific instrument of knowledge based organization

4_1_The influence of the principal s leadership style on the teacher s self_efficacy and extent of burnout in an arab schools in Israel

4_2_Comparative evidences of cultural intelligence profile for management and non-management students

4_3_The influence of leadership styles on acceptance level of new technologies in companies

4_4_Contribution of human resources to the sustainability of the knowledge based organizations

4_5_Destination management organiyation s (Dmos) roles and performance_Literature review

4_6_Philosophical and managerial values of Mary Parker follett s contribution

4_7_Challenges in Romania higher education

4_8_Management of dysfunctions and conflicts in public administration

4_9_Study on management training to employees of organiyations in Romania

4_10_Management of stressful jobs in knowledge based organizations

4_11_The principal leadership style in bedouin secondary school in the negev

4_12_Innovation and creativity in educational managerial process

5_1_The development of a Romanian construction industry business_the case of unimat5_2_Who provides managemet software solutions in Romania

5_2_Who provides managemet software solutions in Romania

5_3_Financial management of the economic entity using alternative decisions

5_4_The role of european projects in leveraging entrepreneurial initiatives of students from Romanian bussiness schools

5_5_Challenges of entrepreneurships in the society of knowledge

5_6_Challenges and key issues in building and the management of a knowledge based organization in Romania

5_7_Clusters as innovative partnerships for economic growth and new jobs in Romania

5_8_Social responsibility strategies in support of Romanian educatin

5_9_Ceprocs the system of succes_a case study about an outsourcing company

5_10_A brief review of the vocational education and training in Romania SMES

5_11_The characteristics of innovation in romanian SMES_based on 1375 entrepreneurs and managers interviews

5_12_Technological innovations in museums as a source of competitive advantage

5_13_Family businesses_A global presence

5_14_The link between innovation and performance_a comparative study between Romanian and German SMES

6_1_Benchmarking in university libraries_between theory and practice

6_2_Contribution on the environmental impact of sections of the foundry an enterprise technology equipment

6_3_Sustainable development from a manager s point of view in the industrial field

6_4_The climate of resort Paltinis Sibiu_a factor in management of sustainable development

6_5_Optimization method for the decision to invest in housing construction

6_6_Sustainability_key factor for integrated supply chains

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